All Tornado Cash ETH addresses are placed on Circle’s “blacklist,” thereby freezing USDC.

August 8, 2022

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All Tornado Cash ETH addresses are placed on Circle’s “blacklist,” thereby freezing USDC.. All Tornado Cash Ethereum addresses specified in the US Treasury Department’s sanctions against the protocol have been “blacklisted” by Circle’s USDC. USDC Circle has added all Ethereum addresses belonging to Tornado Cash listed in the US Treasury sanctions against the protocol to a “blocklist”.A Twitter bot called USTC Blacklist, which scans the blockchain for the USTC blacklist, highlighted the issue in a series of tweets on Monday after the approval was granted. A tornado, which is listed on the US Department of Finance against the USDC, “added all the addresses of the Etutma to the list.

“When the “Black List Policy” USDC is on the arrest -list, it can no longer get USDC, all USDC -driven from this address are blocked and the chain cannot be replaced in a circuit “, now freely turn off. The addresses published by USDCBlacklist match the addresses published by the US Treasury Department. In addition, the co-founder of Tornado Cash, Roman Semenov, also revealed that his Github account was also suspended due to sanctions. In June, Circle CEO Jeremy Aller confirmed that there is a blacklist at USDC “if we are required to do so by law.”Its effect on Tornado Cache performance is still unknown. However, after checking the smart contracts, Tornado Cash has blocked about $81,000 so far. CryptoSlade has open communication channels with the Tornado Cash team, but they have yet to respond to questions during the day. This article will be updated with any additional information as it becomes available.

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