After the NFT Charity Auction, the comedian Bill Murray’s wallet was breached for $186k worth of Ethereum.

October 19, 2022


After the NFT Charity Auction, the comedian Bill Murray’s wallet was breached for $186k worth of Ethereum. On September 1, 2022, American actor and comedian Bill Murray’s wallet was depleted of 119.2 ETH after Murray held a charity auction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Statistics show that most of the tokens and NFTs have been moved to the Murray wallet, and the value of the tokens is around $556 USD. Bill Murray lost 119 Etria hackers. Thursday and on Saturday, the famous actress and comedian Bill Murray, a famous actress and national lambuna national watch, were 119 wallets for air. The story was first announced by Hindes and Eli’s author Dan I explained that the details of the Murrey group were evacuated at 7:00 pm. (ET) in the evening on Thursday. Data from the portfolio tool shows that Murray’s wallet still contains about $556 worth of tokens and NFTs as of 7:00 p.m. (ET) on September 2.

Comedian Bill Murray’s wallet was hacked for $186,000 in Ethereum after the NFT Foundation auction. Bill Murray 1000 NFT Collection website via Charity Murray sold 1/1 NFT from the “Bill Murray 1000” NFT set released on Coinbase’s NFT market. Murray’s team believes that the stolen funds were sent for exchange and the thief is currently unknown. Proceeds from the NFT auction were donated to the non-profit Chiv Charities. Dan’s report also explains that a spokesperson for the Coinbase NFT market revealed that the runner-up in the NFT auction donated 120 Ether to the Sive Foundation to replace the withdrawn funds. The statement released Friday did not reveal how the hacker removed 119.2 Ether from Murray’s Ethereum wallet. Tim Murray told Dawn that he filed a report with law enforcement, noting that he worked with intelligence firm Chainalysis. Bill Murray wasn’t the only celebrity to fall victim to crypto-hackers this year. Family Guy star Seth Green allegedly stole his Bored Ape Yatt Club (BAYC) NFT and paid to get his NFT back.

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