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January 6, 2021

Bitcoin surged almost 12% on Tuesday to surpass the previous high record of $34,544 set last Sunday past a dizzying jump over the New Year’s weekend. However, after hitting that price level, the price of the leading cryptocurrency ranged between $32,500 & $34,500 followed by a sudden decline to $28,000 with losses recovered quickly. However, […]

July 9, 2020

Didi a major Beijing based tech giant to give a trail to Chinese digital currency. Slowly, the pace of Digital Currencies is taking a getting faster. Major tech giants have turned an optimistic look toward the tech. Now, focusing on the news. Yuan is the digital currency of China. Recently, news broke down, that Didi […]

Good news, for Indians who seek interest in cryptocurrency. B21, a major digital currency investor announcer a mobile app. This will enable Indian to invest in all forms of Cryptocurrency. From Bitcoins to Ethereum all at just in one Mobile app. Navin Agarwal, the owner of B21 has partnered with Miance a wealth management company. […]