Tag: Bitcoin EFT

April 25, 2022

SkyBridge goes all-in on crypto, betting on enormous development ahead SkyBridge founder Anthony Scarramucci said that they think the digital currency markets depict enormous growth. SkyBridge Capital is helping in pivoting the majority of its assets under management to digital assets, as the area affects enormous growth for the company. The hedge fund was established […]

April 5, 2022

Glassnode: Inflows to Canadian BTC ETFs blow all-time high Outpourings of BTC from exchanges have slammed annually high, but inflows to Canadian BTC ETFs are also at maximum levels as investor confidence in the asset rises. Canadian BTC exchange-traded fund (ETF) ownership has improved to all-time highs as per recent research, and spot-based commodities are […]

April 2, 2022

SEC opposes ARK 21Shares spot BTC ETF application The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission has officially opposed the application for the ARK 21Shares Bitcoin exchange-traded fund. The SEC opposed a proposed law modification from the Chicago Board Options Exchange, BZX Exchange to list and exchange shares of the ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF. The SEC said […]