Off-Chain Capital is Amending the Bitcoin Investment

August 13, 2020

Bitcoin Declines

When users views Cryptocurrency investment and trading from a traditional investing lens, BTC seems a risky trade. Since the digital technology of cryptocurrencies is still new to most of the people in the world, the value is notoriously volatile and it is extremely for investors advising newcomers not to invest more than they can afford to lose in cryptocurrency, BTC. A digital currency firm investment firm, Off The Chain Capital, focuses majorly on investing in crypto BTC. It is undoubtedly one of the best performing funds in the industry, it has perceived that bitcoin and reliable performance can go hand in hand. The managing member and chief investment officer, Brian Estes said, “We are trying to purchase dollars-worth of BTC with 50 cents”. Further said that We are the only value manager in the industry that we are familiar with. Everybody is trying to venture capital investing and we are utilizing a buffet style for exploring deeply offered investment opportunities. 

The fund has acquired the top blockchain fund rankings from financial services companies Vision Hill Group and Hedge Fund Research, Inc., with over $30 million. As per the reports shared by Bitcoin Magazine, Off The Chain Capital was up by 29% in July’20, marking a 101% increment across the year to date. Brian Estes said that Off The Chain Capital is the world’s biggest buyer of Mt. Gox bankruptcy claims, which delivers up to 90% discounts on BTC for the fund. Besides this, it enters hash rate contracts with miners that yields 40% discounts on bitcoin. 

The drastic shifting progress can go a long way in enhancing the mission of BTC to a broader audience. Most of the people that found bitcoin as a great asset for investment purpose backed off due to its relatively volatile performance up to this situation.

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