What is Metamask?


What is metamask?

Before the introduction of metamask in 2016 by Aaron Davis and Dan Finlay, the association of cryptocurrency wallet software was not believed to be consisting of browser extensions. The metamask came up as a perception-changing concept and revolutionized the crypto ecosystem. It is a browser wallet plug-in that serves as an Ethereum wallet and is funded by Ethereum incubator ConsenSys. Apart from establishing a connection to the Ethereum blockchain it stores, sends, and receives ERC-20 tokens as well. It can also be brought in active use to interact with Decentralised applications (Dapps) where it gets connected in the simplified format.

The metamask use JavaScript to inject web3 object into the page and create an online vault for storing the seed words. The wallet also supports integration with Coinbase and Shapeshift the renowned crypto exchanges and can provide ease in various languages as well, at present, it is offered 18 different languages. The metamask charge depends on the GAS price which at default is around 21 GWEI. Metamask is broadly used on Google Chrome, with existence on Opera, Firefox, and Brave too.

Since the browsers are connected to the internet, metamask is accordingly referred to as “Hot Wallet”. The metamask has certain existing alternatives such as Parity, Mist browser, my Ether wallet, etc. which provokes Metamask for the continuous improvements in bridging its gaps.

 What features does Metamask have? 

The metamask has largely simplified the process and protocols of crypto transactions by adhering to its features: 

  • The concept of one plug-in browser wallet has gained popularity and access to a wider range of Dapps.
  • The unique phrase which is generated on the platform eliminated the management of private keys. The Meta mask is considered safe and secure as it encrypts password and seed phrase. Most of all these keys are not stored on ay other system but own a computer’s browser.
  • The wallet consumes less storage space as the users are not required to download the Ethereum blockchain instead it directly sends nodes to the other systems. • The ease of integration with DApps, crypto exchanges, and crypto coins ensures the wider acceptance of the browser wallet.
  • The wallet is presently available on best browsers only which makes it considerably more reliable. 
  • The absence of two-factor authentication and multi-signature capabilities can create a gap if not taken into consideration in a long run. 

How does to use the Metamask wallet? 

Though it may sound or seem too complicated to understand the truth is that metamask is one of the uncomplicated wallets and browsers for Ethereum and DApp respectively that can be set up in the least time in most cases. The basic requirement to access metamask smoothly is the Chrome or other chromium-based browsers namely Brave, Firefox, etc and then the following procedure follows up: 

  • Download and installs official metamask extension ((https://metamask.io/) from the browser.
  • Once it gets installed a splash screen can be seen whereby clicking on the “Get started” one can create his Ethereum wallet using metamask. 
  • Then one is supposed to click on the “create wallet” option. • Click on the improvement option either by choosing “No Thanks” or “I agree”.
  • Create a password in the next step as per the requirements of the site.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions and click “Create” once the password has been set up. 
  • In the next step Metamask will provide you with a 12-word phrase as an alternative for recovering the wallet credentials if forgotten. Thus, needs to be kept safe. Click “Next” and “Confirm” and the wallet account gets created successfully. 
  • After the final confirmation, the access to the list of assets in the “Assets” tab will be provided and the transaction history can be reviewed in the “Activity tab”. 
  • The transaction can be started with the required credentials of the recipient and the nominal fees. Any transactions can be mutually adjusted by clicking certain options from “Advanced Options.” 

Scope of Metamask

 Ever since it’s launching the metamask has provided the wider growth space for Decentralised applications (DApps) and has eased out the flow and format of crypto transactions and exchanges. In February 2020 the introduction of new DApp products and services was witnessed hitting up a million users because of this browser wallet extension. Recently metamask has launched “Metamask Mobile” (its first Smartphone app) for Android and iPhone in September 2020.

The evolution in the vision of this browser wallet has a long way to go and bring enhancement to the digital ecosystem. It has allowed the Ethereum DApps to run on its browser without accessing the full Ethereum node. The users can invest their coins in games, stake tokens, and trading on decentralized exchanges which pave way for the emerging world of decentralized finance (Defi).


Metamask serves as a bridge towards tomorrow’s distributed web through today’s browser. Despite certain odd picks, metamask is a very reliable, secure, simple wallet with far-reaching acceptance. The continuous efforts for uplifting the concept and bringing it on the development pace for other associated factors have been appreciable. It emerged as an additional concept for the unabating growth of cryptocurrencies and needs to be treasured to the best utility.