Best Crypto Traders


The Best Crypto Traders of 2022

Crypto is one of the global progressive markets which have led to an increase in the volume of traders in the crypto exchanges space. Best Crypto traders are essentially individuals who speculate the prices of cryptocurrencies and direct their trading investments in the market.

In general, the trading concept is based on its period (long term & short term) which in turn creates different dimensions for traders. The long-term traders are the ones looking forward to long-run gains from the hike in the crypto values irrespective of the time involved to fetch such gains.


On the other hand, a short-term trader intends to earn instant gains at the earliest. Short-term trading is suitable for highly experienced and informed traders. These distinct behaviors of the traders and trading scenario have given rise to the following types of  the best crypto traders:

Hold Traders:

These are the long-term traders involved in buying an asset and giving complete opportunities for value appreciation over time. Such traders tend to be disciplined and emotionally intelligent as the periodic fluctuations do not influence them much.

Yet these traders recoup the initial investments and secure them more during the boom period. The well knowledgeable and experienced traders make it possible to earn periodic profits through other non-virtual investments.


These are the most impatient traders, involved in buying and selling assets/cryptocurrencies for the assured profit over a short period. The scalpers are highly involved in monitoring and understanding the impacts of every market change.

In fact, these traders are curious about the volume of trading fees and other petty charges too. Scalpers actively respond to every short-term fluctuation which influences their investments.

The wholesome aim of the scalpers is to experience market security irrespective of the returns. 

The low return over the short duration keeps them content as it provides them an assured amount and an immense sense of security. 

Swing Traders

Being short-term traders, swing traders are more grounded and firm as they do not jump ship at any time owing to minor fluctuations, unlike scalpers. These traders understand and assume their long-term goals before making any frequent decisions.

Swing traders have a thorough understanding to foresee the impacts of present ups&downs on the ultimate price of the securities. They are proficient technical & economic analysts with ace over several market tools and practices. 

Day Traders: 

These are witnessed to be the most devoted traders as they closely analyze the crypto market. The consistent analysis of market phenomena provides them the better benefit to investing during more profitably active hours of the day.

Such traders are great observant and require dynamic market analysis to trade cautiously.

These are the most active and intelligent traders who make they are living out of crypto trading in most cases. In the mid of daily frequent swifts, these traders stay safer by limiting their stake. 

Position Traders: 

Position traders are the advanced versions of swing traders as they perform thorough mindful analyses of the market before investing their best cryptocurrency pennies. They don’t just adhere to the market trends and tools but consider the detailed study of coin’s white paper too.

As a result, they invest only with the assurance of long-term gains. Such traders require a deep understanding of the market cycle backed by long years of experience to stay tuned with every swift. 

Bull Traders: 

This is the most popular and optimistic segment of traders who invest cautiously in the assets with a high probability to appreciate in long run. Bull traders generally purchase securities at their fixed leading positions.

The traders hold assets as long as they observe and foresee them growing. Ideally holding period here varies from the week, months to even years if the growth is observed. The assets are discharged when the growth ultimately halts. Presently, the majority of traders belong to this bull format, thus are called bull traders.

Bear Traders: 

Bear traders are completely the opposite of bull traders and trade the coin with the perspective of a falling market. Such traders ought to analyze the various tools & factors to take full advantage of the pessimistic crypto market.

These traders offload everything during the bearish phase and sell when the demand is higher.


As the name suggests these are the most powerful holders of the assets in the crypto market with the majority of holdings. They are proficient at an understanding of the market cycle, changes, psychological and emotional trading aspects too.

Such traders are capable of influencing the market with their holdings as they can create fake downturns. The whales are observed dominating the Bitcoin sphere in fact they are considered essential in the ecosystem to attract additional traders.

The best crypto traders are not restricted to any particular kind of trading, their skill, time, amount of coins, and efficient trading make them suited for a specific trade.