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October 1, 2020

How does India see crypto as a market? Gauging through a decade of ebb and flow, the crypto market has remained a matter of contention in India to date. India is one of the mushrooming crypto markets, adhering to global cryptocurrrency development. Moreover, being at the budding stage of its introduction the cryptocurrrency received a […]

September 28, 2020

With what it entails to what it guarantees to what it provides, the block chain technology has become the vibrant role player in transforming the world in several magnificent ways. Almost every sector is keen to accept this technology with the expectation of growing by leap and bounds. What actually isn’t very widely known is [...]

July 8, 2020

The term “bitcoin” was first coined in 2008, August. “What is bitcoin?” This question still haunts a lot of young investors across the world. The term was coined by two programmers named Satoshi Nakamoto and Martti Malmi who registered a new domain named In October 2008, Nakamoto released a document which is also known […]