Belarus Media Testing Decentralized Technology to Avoid Censorship

October 5, 2020


The nation’s government, led by President Alexander Lukashenko whose election was mired in controversy and hasn’t been recognized by the European Union, declared on Friday that it was canceling the media accreditations for all foreign journalists immediately. The move comes as Belarus continues blocking its residents from visiting local media sites including the Belarusian branch of Radio Liberty or Radio Free Europe amidst the wake of a huge 3-day internet outage and weeks of protest at the time of august 8 election period.


This story is a lot greater than Belarus since Internet control is a worldwide phenomenon. While governments around the globe are getting more talented at obstructing on the web content, neighborhood activists and media are exploring different avenues regarding new types of opposition. 


The standard behind NewNode is that if one user can’t get to a site however another can, they can interface with one another and trade accessible information like torrent customers do. In any case, it won’t help if there is an absolute web closure, or if the entire internet is down. This makes the tech pertinent in places like Belarus, whose Internet closure wasn’t supreme. 


NewNode is in its outset now, and the organization doesn’t uncover the number of its clients around the world. Be that as it may, when more than 800,000 new clients in Belarus participated in one month since the political race, it was a striking uptick for the organization. 


Radio Liberty’s application is utilizing both NewNode and Psyphon, an intermediary that turned out to be amazingly mainstream in Belarus during the post-political decision web blackout. However, there are almost two dozen of media publications globally utilizing NewNode for their mobile apps, though most of them prefer not to share this fact, according to Shalunov.

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