Day: January 7, 2021

The U.K. monetary controller has said it believes the items to be inappropriate for retail shoppers because of the potential mischief they present. The new guideline is being censured by some in the crypto area, who contend the boycott is a mishap and that retail speculators ought to approach similar open doors as foundations. The […]

As per CoinGecko’s index of 6,124 assets, the total market value of the cryptocurrencies surpassed $1 trillion for the first time. However, as per TradingView, it’s early highest was in 2017, wherein the market value was just above $760 billion. Although, the leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin alone represents almost 69% of the market value. In recent […]

The U.S President Donald Trump has signed an executive order Tuesday that bans seven Chinese applications and the Alipay payment platforms, stating that the applications can access personal information from their clients. The executive order comes into effect in 45 days, stating that the apps are banned since they pose a threat to U.S national […]

The magnificent ride that has been the price of the leading cryptocurrency is creating new records back-to-back, with again surpassing $36,000 for the first time, then briefly after three hours, it crossed the $37,000 price level. The price of bitcoin jumped to a new all-time high record of $37,014 before settling down to $36,780, up […]